Pure Spanish Legacy

Imported  from Spain as a three year old, this Qualified, FEI dressage stallion  has made his mark in the US, both as a show horse and more importantly,  through the significant accomplishments of his sons and daughters.  His  offspring are known for their extreme athleticism and charisma,  performing well in halter classes and often winning the Best Movement  medals at the ANCCE morphology shows.  Dressage riders seek them out for  their size, trainability, and correct gaits, especially their  excellence in canter.  

Faralay passes his outstanding character  and work ethic to his foals, as well as his powerful, straight, uphill  movement, size and substance.    Most are born with a very  people-oriented, can-do attitude which makes them so much fun to train  and own.

His  pedigree reveals his strong Escalera and Guardiola bloodlines: his  mother is a granddaughter of Lebrijano III through her sire, Estudiante  XII 1983.  Faralay's sire, Ebanisto, a branded Guardiola stallion and a proven  dressage performer and show horse himself in Spain and France, carries  the blood of Maromo and Educado, two highly esteemed  Guardiola sires. As far as we know, Faralay is the only breeding son of  Ebanisto in the United States.

Grand Prix Dressage

Faralay has competed in open dressage through the levels to Grand Prix.  His sons and daughters are now making their marks in dressage circles.


Faralay earned the Qualified (or Calificado) distinction  when he was evaluated at the TRC Tribunal, marking him among the top PRE stallions worldwide.

Faralay Under Saddle

Young Faralay At Liberty

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Our breeding program  foundation is based on Faralay and several of his sisters, all imported from Spain.  We invite you to visit us to learn more about Ketcham Ranch and our youngsters available now.

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